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My love...

  "My Skins."


   As all of you know that started last season of Skins. (Skins Fire (Effy) & Skins Rise (Cook) & Skins Pure (Cassie)) 
   But today, I want to tell you about the other six seasons that changed my life. This is my first and one of my favorite series. Thats why, I would like to write a few words about it.

   Skins became for me a kind of discovery of myself. Skins is like reading a book, you're reading it, some things pass by you, and some flow into your skin and you become a different person, probably a better person than you were before.

Here they are! All together! Guys, I miss you already!
The first generation was miraculous.

   I will say only that I looked several times the first two seasons. I enjoy this generation. People had already written many reviews, so I will not go much farther. Here, each character deserves attention, Skins tells all and shows the faces of each character.

The second generation was empty.

   For me this generation is the most losing. You can hit me with a stone, but I think that all series was about Effie, as if the whole world belongs only to her, a very bad move by the writers. Before Effie was  mystery and really interested in each of her short appearance, in  the second generation was too much about her. Her mystique, inappropriate behavior only cause irritation. I'm still sad of episode about Panda birthday, where the focus was on Effie, and cute baby sat all the time in the toilet. I did not reveal anything new for myself, I just looked at the picture and saw constantly stoned, disturbed adolescents. No drama, just sex and drugs. Or this is the whole point?

Third generation was truthful.
   I have long hesitated to watch the last two seasons, it seemed to me that after the failure of the second, and the third will be even worse. But there was nothing to do, and I started viewing. I have to say that the first and third generation are equal to me, they are both amazing. Generation is different, and even if they are of the same name Skins, it's a completely different series. I want to share some impressions of the characters. As far as I was worried about Frankie in the fifth season, so I hated her in the sixth. How was it possible to turn from the downtrodden, strange, but at the same time a wonderful kid into a real girl of easy virtue? I still do not understand this. And I think the blame for the tragedy only Frankie. I felt sorry for Mini when her betrayed Liv and Nick, and then her father. Felt sorry for her, when she saw the reflection of the mother into herself. I like Alo, how can you hate him when he is so cute and kind, he has a specific appearance, style, and behavior. He's a great guy and a friend. And I'd like to see a continuation of the history of Mini / Alo. I love a pair of Cassie / Sid, but the more I love a pair of Gracie / Rich. And do not even want to tell how I was crying during the sixth season. Romeo and Juliet is a classic, but in the new century, the most tragic and sad pair is a pair of Gracie / Rich.

   This is my impression of the Skins. I hope you liked it and you agree with me, but maybe you are not. After all, everyone has his own opinion. xoxo

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