четверг, 19 сентября 2013 г.

My look today

It is gets colder and colder, so you should dress more warmer this days. 
So that's why i have chosen:
Pants  from Zara
Sweater from Zara 
Gold bracelets from H & M
Bag from  Reserved
Boots I bought in Poland in Wojas
  I hope you guys enjoy my look xoxo

Time to go to the beach.

Just relax ;) 

 Who says you can not go to the sea in autumn? Nobody.
Today was amazing day. I with my friend after school went to the sea. Weather was really great, the sun, the sea, the beach and of course my camera. I finally was able to take a break from school and from my problems. I do not know why, but at the sea I dissolve in this wonderful, clean air and I feel like I'm in another world. Do you feel the same at the sea? 
 I hope you guys enjoy my news. xoxo


Autumn sadness

Hi guys!

Had no time to to write something, because the school started and I forgot about this blog.
In my country in the school we have 12 years education .Can you imagine for 12 years I go at the same place five days in a week. I want to tell you it is very sad and also it is really boring to me and to all my classmates. We are dying in the school. 
Here you can watch some pictures with me and my classmates.
have a nice school year xoxo 
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